A selfless lobbyist

A selfless lobbyist

A Republican Party supporter Pakistani American Sajid Tarar is selflessly and diligently doing high profile lobbying for Pakistan in the power centers of United States. He assumed the status of an iconic face of President Donald Trump since he articulated his point of view at the convention right after the Republican President elect took oath of office. Sajid Tarar insight of a political analysis and prediction is superb. Right from the primary round of nominations in 2016 till the day of elections he was quite confident and upbeat that his favorite candidate Donald Trump will win. On the day of election results, a Pakistani American affiliated with the Democratic Party appeared on CNN and claimed that Hillary Clinton will turn the table on Republican candidate , when results from California and other Democrats strong hold states come. Sajid Tarar rebutted that claim like soothsayer.

An American NGO, Pakistan American Press Association organized an event with regards the upcoming US elections. Speaking on this occasion, Sajid Tarar tried to allay the misgivings that President Donald Trump is against Islam and Muslims. In his opening remarks Sajid Tarar said that it is wrong impression of Donald Trump,  “he is nether against or the Muslims.” Likewise, he defended the immigration policy of President Trump.

Sajid Tarar support for the Republican Party and Donald Trump is based on realism and rooted in ups and down of Pak-US relations since mid-1950s till 2007. It is a matter of common knowledge that tilt of Republican Administration has been visible towards Pakistan. During these administrations Pakistan used to get valuable military and economic assistance, whereas during the administrations of Democratic Party, Pakistan had to face embargo on the supply of military hardware and sometimes squeeze on economic assistance. The recent example is the dinted relations between Pakistan and the United States during President Barak Obama Administration, although the previous governments in Pakistan claimed that Secretary of State Jhon Kerry is the friend of Pakistan. The ruptures in ruptures in relations were then repaired and reset in President Trump Administration.

Lobbying for Pakistan single handedly in the US is a herculean task, near to impossible, when one is confronted with a strong Indian lobby supported by the united Indian community comprising businessmen, traders, doctors, academia and intellectuals and above all by their diplomats.  Such unflinching support is hardly available to an influential Pakistani American if he wants to do lobbying for Pakistan. It is incumbent on the Pakistan’s diplomats to mobalise the Pakistani community by keeping a close liaison with them for strengthening the hands of selfless lobbyist like Sajid Tarar by way of public diplomacy.

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