A Trumpist coup or coup against Trump?

Yusuf Kaplan

The presidential elections held in November 2020 drove the U.S. into complete ambiguity. Ever since the elections, Donald Trump has been claiming that the votes were stolen and that truly he had won the elections.

With only two weeks left before his exit, Trump called on his supporters “to gather at the White House.”

Things got out of control.

Trump’s supporters raided Congress, leading to major chaos in the capital, where police issued a 12-hour curfew.

US is simply a guinea pig for Jewish forces!

Job Biden, who was elected U.S. president with the support of media organizations under Jewish control, and strong Jewish lobbies, spoke to the press upon the chaos and said, “At this hour, our democracy is under unprecedented assault. … I call on President Trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution by demanding an end to this siege.”

Shortly after Biden’s speech, Trump – most likely having realized the legal situation he will be facing – called on the nation to be “cool and calm, and go home.”

What happened next?

The crowd claiming to be Trump’s supporters slowly dispersed. Then, anti-Trump demonstrators showed up and took to the stage with placards reading, “Trump is guilty.”

It was an extraordinary day in the U.S. Events similar to scenes from third world countries unfolded!

We witnessed the superficiality of professors discussing the events on television, and that their interpretations are arbitrary. They slammed Trump and his populism! The country is truly in a pitiful state! The events in the U.S could not be interpreted any more superficially!

Well, how should the events in Washington be interpreted then?

Before anything, this is an uprising against the “deep state” or the “established order,” which is under the control of global lords, with Jewish capital and mentality at its center!

For Jewish forces, the U.S. is a guinea pig through which they developed and legitimized their hegemony over the world. Jews have been using the U.S. as a guinea pig for almost a century now: there is no such thing as an American public, or an American state.

The US will be divided!

The U.S. public is one of the world’s most controlled nations. This became particularly blatant in the elections: The Jew-controlled U.S. media attacked Trump with all its might, mocked Trump with fake news, terribly demonizing him. It might seem like I am supporting Trump! To hell with all American bandits who cause suffering to the oppressed!

The established order in the U.S. invented an ancient voting mechanism that involved voting by mail.

One has to be a fool not to think that major fraud may be involved in votes cast by mail. Trump was constantly complaining about this during the election process! The U.S. president was deposed of by Jewish lords who own the established order!

America is the name of the instrument Jewish capital and power used to enslave the whole world. Jewish capital and power started to exit the U.S., and moved into China. The U.S. may start disintegrating within the next few years. America may be divided into a few independent states!

Trump and his supporters took a bullet to the head!

The global Jewish power in the U.S. struck the coup de grâce on Trump shortly before his departure. They first overlooked the raid on Congress by Trump supporters, then gathered masses carrying “Trump is guilty” placards in front of the Capitol building!

The Jewish power and media backing Biden reported the event as a “Trumpist coup attempt.”

Trump must have realized that he was entrapped, so immediately after Biden’s statement, he called onto his supporters to “be cool and calm, and go home.”

The events provided a spectacular opportunity for Biden to declare the legitimacy of his own presidency, prevent Trump’s next election campaign and, most importantly, an opportunity for the media to veil Biden’s election injustices through false, exaggerated and provocative reports!

The recent events may have been plotted as a means to legitimize Biden’s dubious election. Americans are very experienced in such behavior! The Pearl Harbor attack, as clearly revealed later, was plotted by Americans – at the cost of U.S. troops’ lives!

The Sept. 11 attack was another event plotted to save the U.S., which was crumbling and being driven to the verge of chaos, to ensure solidarity among the people. In the aftermath of Sept. 11, a new religion was invented in the U.S.: the religion of America!

Thus, Trump, who attempted to break Jewish power, which has America in its palm, and rescue the U.S. from its oppression, received a great blow.

The phrase “Trumpist coup” is thus nothing other than an illusion or efforts to mislead the target!

Trump fought to save America from the invasion and oppression of Jewish power.

The compromises he made for the Jews was to quell them. He made such great compromises that the Jews gladly accepted Trump’s compromises, but did not hesitate to put the gun to his head!