Abdul Razzak Dawood inauguration of Virtual Export Gallery

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KARACHI: Inaugurating the Pakistan Virtual Export Gallery at the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) Mr. Abdul Razzak Dawood, The Prime Minister’s Commerce and Investment Advisor, said that the government working day and night to increase export. The quality of Pakistani products, which we export, is of the highest quality.
The federal advisor expressed satisfaction over the performance of TDAP officers and said that the TDAP exhibition in Lahore should be organized in a better arrangement as guests from abroad would be interested in Pakistani product.
Secretary TDP Mr. Ahsan Ali Mangi and other senior officials in their briefing stated that the exhibition of engineering and health equipment in Lahore is being held in Lahore from 25 to 27 February 2022, for which a budget of RS: 179.6 million has been approved. The exhibition is expected to feature about 150 exhibitors and around 250 foreign delegates from 41 countries.
Further added that the Lahore Exhibition will display engineering and health equipment’s and the common people will be allowed to visit on the last day.
Mr. Dawood directed that heavy machinery should also be exhibited in the exhibition. Efforts should be made to open a large open hall, displaying tractors and other machinery manufactured in Pakistan. Heavy machinery manufactured in Pakistan is required in other countries including Africa.
During the meeting, the Federal Advisor spoke on the phone with TDP officers performing the duty in Sukkur and Abbottabad, discussed on export and quality of the dates and honey, and appreciated the work of the youth.

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