Abdullah sees Taliban as main obstacle for peace

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday said Taliban is the main obstacle on the way of bringing peace in the country because the group insists on establishment of an Islamic emirate and refuses to talk to the Afghan government.

“Taliban has been the obstacle for taking the first step (for peace) because they have an excuse that we do not negotiate with government and that is why I say that Taliban is an obstacle on the way of reaching to peace,” Abdullah said.

He said that forming an inclusive negotiating team can decrease Taliban’s excuses for not meeting the Afghan government and that this team will be formed in the near future.

“As soon as a single voice represents Afghanistan’s people, including government and others, I think the opportunity for making excuses by the other side (Taliban) will decrease,” Abdullah added.

Abdullah’s remarks come as US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has started his new multi-nation trip on Afghan peace. 

Amid Khalilzad’s efforts, Afghan politicians and Taliban members are expected to meet in Qatar in April and will hold discussions on main issues around the peace process.

Abdullah said it is not known whether government will attend the meeting or not.

The Presidential Palace recently said government will not attend in meetings like Moscow format.

“Regarding this issue, the time has not been determined and a final decision has not been made. But when the opportunity comes, the Afghan government has the preparation for attending such talks,” Abdullah said.

Before this, sources have said that Afghan politicians and Taliban members will meet in Qatar on April 14 and 15 and a delegation of 80 members including Moscow talks participants will attend the meeting.

Amid the acceleration of efforts for the peace talks, Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid said this year Afghanistan will witness heavy fights because Taliban has been preparing for war.

“The enemy by all its power and in order of their foreign supporters, have the preparation for war and will use all their strength and energy,” said Khalid. (TOLOnews)