Abhinandan’s payment of MIG 21 for Pakistani cup of tea completes four years

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Four years ago, Indian Airforce Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was arrested in Pakistan after the crash of India’s prized MIG-21 during Operation Swift Retort on 27th February 2019.
India will always remember 27th February as “Surprise Day” from amongst all the Pak-India wars. Pakistan’s armed forces destroyed India’s morale and confidence in their military. On the night of 26th February 2019, Indian forces did a failed attack in Balakot in the dark. As a reply, our political and military leadership formulated an integrated strategy and strongly retaliated in the light of the day at the place of their own choice.
The Operation Swift Retort started at 9am in the morning on 27th February and PAF Shaheens attacked six target bases of the Indian Army in IIOJK not damaging any lives but giving a retaliatory message to the enemy. The Indian Airforce was startled when the six targets were hit.
The Indian Air Defense destroyed their own MI-17 Helicopter killing at least six of their army men. Two of their fighter jets came following the Pakistani jets but were not able to return. The dogfight occurred in the airspace of Samahni valley in Bhimber in which our beloved fighter pilot Hassan Siddiqui targeted an Indian SU-30 in his JF-17.
The debris from the SU-30 fell on the line of control but Wing Commander Nauman destroyed a MIG-21 whose pilot Abhinandan was arrested. MIG-21 was a prized possession of the Indian Airforce which was crumbled by the PAF.
Pakistan released Abhinandan as a gesture of goodwill and gave him back to India proving that Pakistan is a nation of peace.
Even after this, India is still engaging plots like Pulwama to impose aggression on Pakistan.