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Abid asks political parties to help curb power theft

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Power Abid Sher Ali Wednesday sought assistance from political parties to end power theft across the country.

Responding to a calling attention notice moved by Leader of the Opposition in Senate Sherry Rehman regarding suffering of the people due to 12 to 18 hours electricity load-shedding, the minister said the power operators were struggling to meet the demand.

Urging the political parties to extend their help in curbing the electricity theft, he said,”Presently we have no gap between demand and supply of electricity. We are carrying out load-shedding in areas where we are incurring losses as there is no load-shedding in areas where no loss is being incurred,” he added.

He said the present government has added 13000 MW electricity in the system till date and more would be added soon. Moreover, transmission system had also been improved for smooth electricity supply, he added.

The minister said that due to improvement in the transmission system, the Balochistan province was being provided 1100 to 1200 megawatts electricity as compared to 350 MW in the past.

Sherry Rehman, however, said unscheduled load-shedding was being carried out throughout the country, and many industries had closed their operations due to power shortage.


2 thoughts on “Abid asks political parties to help curb power theft

  1. A very simple legislation is needed, provided PPP and PTI are on-board.
    SEPCO, HESCO and PESCO have “strong electricity theft cultures” and PPP must admit it. If only VOTES are important for a political party, then this is not going to end.

  2. Outdated ,poorly maintained power generation and transmission lines due to theft of resources and funds by corrupt officials is the reason for power losses and breakdowns not as they like to imply the volume of electricity pilferage by villagers. The largest defrauders are the owners of factories and Mills who pay rishworth to be under billed and the Government high officials using numerous AC.s which are left running even when the encumbants seats are empty. The Continuous building of huge commercial plazas. and blocks of flats and offices which are a massive drain on electricity available.

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