criminal firing

Accomplices firing kill notorious PO

Hafiz Muhammad Aziz-ur-Rehman

HAFIZABAD: A notorious outlaw Abbas alias Basoo wanted by the different police stations in connection with murder, attempting to murder, robbery, dacoity and car snatching incidents was killed by the firing of his own accomplices near Kassesay Bypass last night.

According to police source, the deceased proclaimed offender Abbas alias Basoo and his two other bandits were intercepting vehicles to snatch their valuables. In the mean time, the bandits intercepted the car of Akhtar and allegedly attempted to snatch away his car but the occupants of the vehicle grappled with the accused who allegedly opened firing and one of the bullet hit their ring leader Basoo who sustained fatal injuries and was rushed to the hospital but he died before any medical aid could be made available to him.

The Kassesay and Pindi Bhattian police shifted the dead body to the morgue for autopsy and deputed different police parties to arrest the other two accused who managed their good escape. According to police source the gang had let lose a reign of terror in the area by intercepting the different vehicles and deprived the passengers of their valuables. Further investigations are in progress

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