Actress Amy Schumer was done ‘looking at herself in mirror’ before liposuction

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LOS ANGELES: Amy Schumer admits she did not like looking at herself in the mirror right before she decided to get liposuction.

The 40-year-old told Hollywood Reporter that she reached to the pinnacle of vulnerability before she decided to go under the knife.

“It’s not about needing to be slamming, because I’ve never been famous for being hot, but I’d reached a place where I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror,” Schumer shared.

The actress, who had earlier got her uterus removed, further added that she noticed her body had the capacity to recover quickly.

“I healed well, and I was like, can I get lipo? And I got lipo and I’m feeling really good,” Schumer said at the time.

The star added that she has been open about her procedure since she does not want to be untruthful to her fans.

“Everybody on camera is doing this s—, I just wanted to be real about it,” she said.

“I just wanted to say that, because if anybody sees me in pictures or anything and they’re like, she looks thinner, and whatever: it’s because I had a surgery,” she confessed the first time.“It’s too hard, and I just want to be real about it.”