Actress Meera plans to join politics

Actress Meera plans to join politics

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Film Actress Meera says due to the absence of a good team her indented to construct a hospital still remains undone. While talking to journalists at the Art Council of Pakistan, Karachi Meera said she’s hopeful for the future of the Pakistan film industry as good films are being produced and also hopes to work with new emerging faces.

Further adding that she was recently offered to work in a drama serial which she accepted. In reply to a question Meera said she would love to join politics as it provides a wonderful platform to work for the public.

She is also working to introduce new faces into the Pakistan film industry and has no hopes in stepping into directions in the near future. Meera was further saddened by the actions of the media as she believe they should verify news regarding her before publishing it.

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