Actress Neelam Muneer clarifies ‘I AM SINGLE’ after ‘Fianceless’ ring pic goes viral

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KARACHI: Neelam Muneer is a talented and extremely graceful Pakistani television and film actress who enjoys a huge fan following and praise. Neelam started her career in modeling and never looked back on her career. The popular hit dramas of actress are Kahin Deep Jalay, Dil Nawaz, Dil Moum Ka Diya and Pyar Deewangi Hai.

The stunning actress appeared recently in The Big Pick in which she talked about love, relationship status, and the qualities she seeks in her life partner.

The elegant ring, which Neelam usually wear makes people curious.

The news was shattering the internet that the beautiful actress got engaged!! Then she clarifies on Instagram that this is false news.

Talking about her statement on marriage and the clarification regarding her marriage, she said in the show, “I clarified it because of this ring which I wear, after seeing this ring many people speculated about my engagement, I wear the ring frequently either in my left hand or my right hand, because of the ring, people thought that I was engaged and not telling about it, why would I do that but then everyone started questioning and that’s why I thought that I should clarify it to my fans that I am single, however, my family, especially my cousins are eager to know about my partner too”

The gorgeous actress further talks about the qualities she wants in her life partner, “I would like to have a partner who would believe in charity and he must be a kind-hearted person, he used to think good about his country, he should be having fear of Allah”. Here is the link when she talked about her relationship status and the quality she seeks in her husband.”

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