Actress Sajal Aly dismisses her divorce rumors with Instagarm story

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KARACHI: The wedding ceremony of Sajal Aly’s sister continues being in the spot light, as pictures of the newly wedded couple Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari keep circulating all over social media.

People have been showing a lot of interest in every single detail from the wedding, from the design of the bride’s dress to the color of her nail paint, everything was being noticed by the fans.

Along with adoring all the celebrity guest appearances, the fans were much intrigued by the absence of the bride’s brother- in- law Ahad Raza Mir from her wedding. The actor’s absence has worked as fuel in the ongoing divorce rumors of the couple.

As Ahad Raza Mir was a no show on Sajal’s Khel Khel Mein’s events and Saboor’s Baat Pakki, the fans have been speculating regarding the couple’s separation. The actor s absence induced further curiosity raising more questions.

While pictures of Ahad and his family were found circulating on social media, as the family was attending another wedding in Dubai on the same days as Saboor’s wedding. The fans were not happy with the Ehd-e-wafa’s actor missing his sister-in-law s wedding ceremony to attend another wedding in Dubai.

Recently Sajjal Aly shared a picture with her husband on Instagram shutting down all the on going rumors. The post indicated that all the speculations were false and the cute couple is still cherishing their marriage.

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