Actress Sajal Aly posts ‘super power’ selfie, and everybody loves it!

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistani top actress Sajal Aly has posted a cute selfie of herself on Instagram which went viral across social media platforms like jungle fire and won many heartfelt comments.

It’s very rare that Sajal Aly posts something and it did not cause an ‘earthquake’ on social media.

The knock-out beauty has proven herself as one of the most versatile actors in Pakistan showbiz with her portrayal of an array of characters over the past decade.

Sajal can be seen sporting a blue-colored strapped top in the viral picture paired with traditional headgear and tinted face makeup.

Sajal penned the lovely snap: “Letting go is a super power!”

It seems that it is a picture from some set of her new project, so the actress is hinting her fans by posting such a gorgeous picture or may be a dancing costume or maybe she is wearing headgear for a random traditional picture. Her fans are curious that what she is up to.

The magnificent selfie got hundreds of thousands of likes in no time, while several celebrities from the entertainment fraternity including producer Sana Shahnawaz and actor Rabia Butt posted lovely compliments for the super-talented artist.

Rabia Butt commented: “But holding on to right person and a kind person is a super natural power too, therefore will never let go of you sajjjjjal.”