Administration extends restrictions on tourists entering Murree until January 17

F.P. Report

MURREE: The local administration of Murree has extended the restriction on tourists entering Murree until January 17, reported Geo News on Wednesday.

According to sources, power is still out in several remote areas of the hill station, and the communication network remains down after the city experienced the worst snow blizzard in its history last week.

The government has cleared snow from the main routes of Murree, and the process of returning vehicles to their owners who were stranded in the snow will start soon.

Over 20 people were killed last week in Murree in a powerful snowstorm

‘People left their cars on the roads’

Earlier, the prime minister’s aide on political communication, Shahbaz Gill, said that he had walked around various areas with the local administration to survey the situation.

He said when it began to snow heavily, a lot of people left their cars on the roads to seek shelter in hotels.

It is because of these cars that the flow of traffic has been hampered, Gill said. “The administration remains active and is trying its utmost to ensure all roads are clear for traffic,” he had said.