Administrative reforms introduced in PHC

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: In order to facilitate litigants and their counsels, Peshawar High Court has brought public interface sections institution and copying branch, near the entrance gate of PHC complex aimed at expediting process.

Moreover, the process of institution and copying has also been digitalized. These steps are taken to expedite the entire process which was earlier carried out manually having many loopholes and was time consuming Under the newly installed automated system now the litigant and counsel only provide one original copy one photocopy and one soft copy of the petition along with his or her contact number and email at institution branch to initiate process.

Upon receiving the petition a case entry number is given to litigant and the petition is sent to the Fixation Branch for further scrutiny. Fixation Branch responds the litigant about result of scrutiny within 24 hours through SMS alert in either case of petition acceptance for hearing or return of incomplete file to Institution Branch with objections to be removed.

Likewise, Copying Branch instantly provides attested court order and judgment upon receiving the application. Now reader and print section of the concerned court upload scanned judgment in the system which is available online to Copying Branch to cater applicants. Moreover, keeping in view problems of the litigants, Information Kiosk has been setup the entry gate to answer basic queries regarding cases.

Under the new arrangement, now Deputy Registrar Judicial has started hearing of cases at reception which was held earlier inside High Court building wherein the litigants would face inconvenience in locating and reaching the branch.