‘Advance tax on Tobbaco poisonous for agri-sector’

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Muhammad Asad
ISLAMABAD: Leveling of advance tax on Tobacco is poisonous for the agriculture sector and framers while it would be a murder of farmers dealing in tobacco cultivation. Pakistan Kisan board including President Kisan Board Rizwan-Ullah Khan along with other leaders of the farmers Ibrar-Ullah Khan, Nihmat Shah, and Liaqat Yousafzai rejected the imposition of advance tax on tobacco during a news conference in Islamabad on Tuesday.
According to farmers’ leaders, the Federal Government has imposed an advance tax with the rate of Rs. 380 per kg on tobacco while the growers’ sale price is Rs. 256 per kilogram. President Kisan Board claimed that the multinational companies intend to create a rift between the government and the farmers by endorsing the imposition of advance tax on tobacco in a bit to get additional benefits from the government but this colossal levy will destroy the poor growers who mostly belong to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
Rizwan-Ullah Khan said that the former PTI government also imposed an advance tax on tobacco which was opposed by the farmers and the government was compelled to pull back after months-long protests from the public. While speaking on the occasion, Liaqat Yousafzai suggested the government impose a levy on cigarettes instead of tobacco to protect poor farmers and save the masses from the hazardous effects of smoking.
The Kisan Board leaders urged the government to review their decision regarding the imposition of an advance tax on tobacco because it will kill thousands of poor farmers and their families. The farmers’ leaders vowed to launch a long march toward the Federal capital and hold indefinite sit-in if the government did not meet their demands. Rizwan Ullah told the reporters that the tobacco growers in Mardan, Swabi, Charsadda, Mansehra and other districts of KP are worried due to highhandedness of the ruling elite and if they come to the streets than they will n to set to rest before achievement of their goals.
According to farmers’ leaders, poor farmers would be compelled to sorround the Parliament if government ignores their rightful demands because their kitchens are gradually freezing and their incoming had been squeezed by the governemnt through cruel taxation. He said that multinationa companies are conspiring agaisnt the tobacco growers by supporting taxation on raw material instead of their products and the government has fell to their trap. He claimed that the farmers would not tolerate such imperilistic polices of the rulters and they will fight to the end.

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