Afforestation key against climate change

Sadia Sagheer

The tree is the key to a pollution-free environment for a long time because they are responsible for providing oxygen, improving the quality of air, climate amelioration, conserving water, soil preservation and supporting wildlife. Due to all these reasons, tree plantation has become necessary in the present scenario as pollution is at a peak. Tree plantation is the only way to control pollution to some extent.

The tree plantation activity is known as afforestation or reforestation. This process involves planting seedlings in an area where the forest has been damaged by a fire, disease, or harvested or got destroyed by some human activity. As we know that pollution is increasing at an alarming rate, different countries are making various strategies to fight with this situation, and tree plantation is one of the most important strategies that are being adopted.

Many reforestation companies have also been formed, which are responsible for planting trees in the deforested lands. Trees remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen to the air, thus making the air quality better for living beings. The knowledge gained through this paragraph shows the importance of tree plantation essays.
Benefits of tree plantation

  1. Plants have a complete cycle of taking in Carbon DiOxide (CO2) and giving out Oxygen. Co2. Thus planting more trees would help in reducing the amount of CO2 that is present in the atmosphere.
  2. The more the numbers of trees are planted, the cleaner the air will get. Having enough oxygen and reduced CO2 would make the air clean and free from pollutants.
  3. Plants also have the ability to naturally filter dirty water. Thus planting more trees would not only result in cleaner air, but it would also make the water clean too.
  4. Temperature has been constantly fluctuating due to a decrease in the number of plants. Plants can maintain atmospheric temperatures. In hot regions, having more plants would help regulate the heat.
  5. Trees and plants are home to many wild creatures. A lot of birds build their nests on trees. Plants support wildlife. Planting more trees would not only help humans but it will support the whole biodiversity.
  6. Planting trees makes the environment immediately more beautiful. Trees help prevent soil erosion. They also absorb different pollutants and thus make the air-water and earth cleaner.