Afghan farmers need markets, says experts

Afghan farmers need markets, says experts

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KABUL: Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation said that onion production has significantly increased in the northern province of Takhar to more than 60 thousand tons.

This year Takhar saw a dramatic rise in onion production compared to other provinces as farmers harvested over 14,000 kg onions from each acres of land, said the officials.

“In consideration of this rise in the production of fruits and vegetables, we predict that onion production may further increase,” said Akbar Rustami, spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

But agriculture experts have said that the Afghan government needs to search for new markets for the Afghan onion, otherwise local farmers will not be interested in growing more onions in years to come.

“If 100 Afs is spent on an Afghan product and then it is sold out for 30 Afs, then the local farmers face a 70 Afs loss and after that the farmer will no longer grow agricultural products,” said Mohammad YasinFarahmand, member of the Afghan Academy of Science.

But the biggest challenge regarding agricultural products is the available market, which this year is not big enough.

The Chamber of Commerce and Investment said that neighbors should not be tat-for-tit in trade relations.

“Finding a market needs a proper mechanism, and other countries should not resort to such moves that could hurt Afghan business and their agricultural relations with Afghanistan,” said MohmmadYounusMomand, deputy head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI).(TOLOnews)

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