Afghan female Lt. Gen. dies at 82

Afghan female Lt. Gen. dies at 82

KABUL: Suhaila Siddiq, the first female lieutenant general in Afghanistan and a well-known surgeon, who served for 36 years in Daud Khan Military Hospital, passed away at a hospital in Kabul on Friday, her relatives confirmed.

Born in 1938 in Kabul, Siddiq started her studies in Kabul Medical University but completed her medical studies in Moscow State University.

Siddiq served as the Minister of Public Health from December 2001 to 2004. Prior to that, she worked as a senior surgeon in the military hospital.

She was one of few female government leaders in Afghanistan and was the only woman in Afghanistan to hold the title of lieutenant general.

Her illness in the past six years took the ability from her to remember her achievements and talk about it.

According to doctors, Siddiq had Alzheimer’s disease.

Siddiq was single and had no family member as her parents have passed away. (TOLOnews)

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