Afghan forces break a Taliban jail in raid, 20 captives freed

KABUL (Khaama Press): Afghanistan Special Forces have stormed a Taliban prison in the Western Nimroz province of Afghanistan early morning on Saturday, Bilal Sarwary, an aware journalist tweeted.

Afghan Special Forces raided a Taliban prison in Khashrood district of Nimroz province early Saturday morning and as a result, at least 20 members of ANDSF kept captive by the Taliban were freed, Bilal Sarwary has said in his tweet. Hours later, the Ministry of Defense released a statement confirming the night operation on a Taliban prison in the Western Nimroz province.

According to MOD, 7 members of the Taliban including Mawali Bashir, one of their key commanders have been killed in this operation. The operation was led by 215 Corps commander Genera Sami Sadat, a well-known military figure for hard fights against the Taliban.

This is said to be the first night-raid by the Afghanistan National Security Defense Forces after the U.S President, Joe Biden announced the full withdrawal of the 2,500 remaining troops on Wednesday. Taliban has not yet commented about this operation.