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Afghan govt terms Trump’s move as ‘one-sided’

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KABUL: In a careful reaction to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Afghan government has said they have already conveyed their “concern” to the US through diplomatic ways. The Trump’s decision of recognizing the Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has hurt the sentiments of the Muslims of the world and posed threat to peace process in Middle East, said a press release issued by Presidential Palace here on Thursday.

It said Afghanistan wanted fulfillment of Palestine’s legitimate claims and believed that any “unilateral step” without Palestine’s participation would not give positive result and permanent solution. The Presidential Palace said an international consensus was already existing on the issue of Palestine and Baitul Muqadas.

The Trump’s decision drew worldwide condemnation, especially in Arab countries, while some European countries termed it a hurdle in the Middle East peace process.

Meanwhile, reacting strongly to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Taliban on Thursday said the US move is an enmity towards Islam.

The US president yesterday officially declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, creating anger in the Muslim world including the Arab countries, Middle East and Afghanistan. “The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns recognition of Muslim’s first Qibla – Baital Maqdas – as the capital of occupying Israel by the president of America and considers it anti-Muslim bigotry and a reckless step. This decision by Trump will fan the flames conflict in the entire world especially the Middle East,” the Taliban said in Pashto and English statements emailed to Afghan Islamic Press (AIP).

The Taliban said the US president showed that the US is directly involved in the miseries of the Muslims and suppressing the Muslims for decades, capture their countries, killing their people and trying to eliminate religious values and assets of Islam. “The Islamic Emirate calls on all Muslims and Islamic countries to declare their solidarity with Baital Maqdas and back the legal resistance of the oppressed Palestinian nation.

If the Muslim world fails at giving brotherly hand to one another and approaching their problems in union, recognize anti-Islam plots and continue squandering opportunities, then the moments are close when Muslim sanctums shall further be degraded and the very existence of Muslims shall face immense danger,” the Taliban added. The US president also asked the state department to begin preparations for shifting the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. Though Trump’s termed the move to support peace between Palestine and Israel, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas warned that the US announcement would have bad results.

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