Afghan Interior minister slams Police chief over Kabul rocket attack

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KABUL: Afghan Interior Minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak chaired a meeting with senior ministry and police officials to discuss Tuesday’s rocket attack on Kabul.

The attack was launched during the president’s Eid message. According to the Afghan media outlet, during the live broadcast of the meeting, officials were seen giving the minister a report back on the attack.

During the meeting Kabul police’s deputy chief of security affairs Gen. Mohammad Sadiq Muradi was explaining the situation an argument broke out between him and Barmak.

Muradi said he had on numerous occasions contacted the minister’s office to set up a meeting with the minister in order to discuss problems on the ground. He said however that “no one has listened to our requests.

Interior Minister Barmak then accused Muradi of being incompetent and told him to “sit down incompetent general”.

Muradi responded by saying he was not incompetent – the two then argued for a few seconds over this.

As Muradi stepped off the podium to return to his seat, Barmak continued to shout out “sit, sit, what rubbish you are talking!”

The meeting was held at the ministry of interior on thursday, aimed to review Tuesday’s attack and to find out where the security lapses had been.

Barmak had said that the attack was simply due to negligence on the part of security forces and that the situation needed to be thoroughly investigated.

The video of the argument meanwhile soon went viral and sparked a major outcry against the minister.

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