Afghan military claims killing of 88 Taliban fihter in ongoing Kunduz Operation

Monitoring Desk

KUNDUZ: Afghan Military officials claimed that as many as 88 Taliban fighters were killed and more than 78 others were injured in the ongoing military operation conducted by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province.

Sayed Qurban Musawi, Executive Officer of Pamir 20 Battalion said that operation against the Taliban militants was started one week ago with the name of Pamir-24 and Afghan Air Force is also assisting the ground force in the operation and adding that 88 Taliban fighters were killed and 78 others were injured during the operation.

He added that the Qerghez, Gombaz and Ganjak villages in Imam Sahib District were cleared of the Taliban during the operation.

Taliban has not commented on the military operation.