Afghan MMA artist wins 3 gold medals

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KABUL: Afghan Mixed Martial Arts athlete Hussain Bakhsh Safari has won three gold medals in internatonal Jiu Jitsu competitions in India.

Safari has said that he won three gold medals after defeating his all three rivals in Jui Jitsu competitions, competing in 62 kg weight category.

In a statement posted in his official social media account in Facebook, Safar has said that this this the second time he has won a gold medal in 62kg category and Nogi style competition.

Safari further added that the third competition in contact/combat category was organized today in Chennai of India in which he managed to defeat his rival and bag a gold medal.

The Afghan MMA artists including Hussain Bakhsh Safar have made great strides on domestic and international levels during the recent years. (Khaama Press)