Afghan national traveling to UAE on Pakistani passport offloaded

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk): The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Monday offloaded an Afghan national travelling to United Arab Emirates (UAE) on a Pakistani passport.

FIA officials said that during immigration clarification at Karachi International Airport, a passenger identified as Gul Muhammad Khan failed to satisfy the FIA team. The passenger was travelling to Dubai on PK-FZ 34. During further investigation, it was revealed that Gul Muhammad Khan was an Afghan national who was bound to fly to UAE on a Pakistani passport to get employment there.

The accused was completely ignorant about his place of birth and family members. During the search, an Afghan tag was recovered from the mobile phone of the accused. Gul Khan was also using Afghanistan’s WhatsApp number on his mobile.

The FIA offloaded the passenger and shifted him to Anti-Human Trafficking Circle Karachi for further legal action.