Afghan Taliban release 35 military inmates

KABUL (AIP): Taliban released 35 military prisoners from detention center on Sunday (January 27), sources said.

These persons had been arrested in various parts of Herat province, the sources told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP).

They were set free on the directions of Taliban leadership today, the sources added.

The sources did not disclose whether the inmates were released on the basis of any agreement or they were swapped with other prisoners. According to the sources, the following prisoners including Afghan National Army (ANA) solders and commandos were released.

1. Bismillah, son of Zabihullah, son of Noorullah 2. Abdul Latif, son of Muhammad Shah, son of Shah Muhammad 3. Sher Ahmad, son of Noor Shah, son of Azim 4. Abdul Karim, son of Abdul Rahim, son of Abdul Karim 5. Noor Ahmad, son of Bashir Ahmad, son of Amir Muhammad 6. Abdul Qadir, son of Abdul Ali, son of Muhammad Umar 7. Abdul Wahid, son of Abdul Aziz, son of Abdul Karim 8. Mustafa, son of Abdul Rahman, son of Muhammad Umar 9. Noor Alam Khan, son of Mir Bacha Khan, son of Bacha 10. Syed Ibrahim, son of Mir Barat, son of Mira Jalat 11. Gul Agha, son of Muhammad Ghos, son of Gul Muhammad 12. Ghulam Hazrat, son of Sher Ahmad, son of Mahiuddin 13. Nazar Muhammad, son of Abdul Sattar, son of Masam 14. Syed Ashraf, son of Sher Ahmad, son of Mahiuddin 15. Samiullah, son of Ghulam Nabi 16. Muhammad, son of Noor Muhammad 17. Fazal Ahmad, son of Abdul Zahir 18. Muhammad Hafiz, son of Abdul Qadir 19. Muhammad Akbar, son of Gul Ahmad 20. Hazrat Ali, son of Daulat Muhammad 21. Bakhtiar, son of Noor Ali 22. Mehboobullah, son of Amir Muhammad 23. Samiullah, son of Mir Zaman 24. Laal Muhammad, son of Abdul Qadir 25. Hayatullah, son of Ihsanullah 26. Khalid, son of Gul Ahmad 27. Hammad, son of Mir Afghan  28. Sabitullah, son of Gulan Shah 29. Khyber, son of Gul Zaman 30. Shameem, son of Ahmad Jan 31. Abdul Basir, son of Muhammad Karim 32. Nisar Ahmad, son of Muhammad Aman 33. Abdul Jabbar, son of Abdul Hakim 34. Azizur Rahman, son of Muhammad Ullah 35. Noor Muhammad, son of Qari Muhammad.

Taliban have not said anything formally in this regard so far. The Taliban had released prisoners at various occasions, including eids, Ramazan, birthday of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or by taking some guarantees in the past. However, for the first time several inmates were set free without any special occasion.

It is pertinent to mention here that the talks between the Taliban and U.S. representatives came to an end on the sixth day in Doha, capital of Qatar yesterday. Both the sides discussed various key issues including the release of prisoners. (AIP)