Afghanistan and US’s dilemma

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The Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov has said that Moscow is open for cooperation with Washington, European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance on the Afghan issue. Sergei Lavrov was talking to the members of the Association of European Businesses in Russia. Lavrov was of the view that NATO countries should bear a significant, share of responsibility for the reconstruction of Afghanistan during coming days.

Russian Foreign Minister said that Russia is against the transfer of military infrastructure from Afghanistan or the deployment of new military infrastructure in the Central Asian Republics with the aim of conducting over-the-horizon strikes on Afghanistan. Lavrov said that such actions could turn these countries into targets for terrorists.

In fact, after the fall of Kabul, Russian Federation was much worried about the security and stability of its regional allies which are not only its neighbors but also tightened with Russia through the arrangements of Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO). Therefore, Russia adopted a preemptive approach and besides sensitising its allies about the deteriorating situation of neighbouring Afghanistan Putin deployed military troops near Afghan border in Central Asian States to stall influx of Afghan refugees into the CARs.

Although Biden administration left Afghanistan in panic, however currently US Diplomats and Military Commanders are in search of Military Bases in Afghanistan neighbourhood including Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, khazakistan and even in Russia so it-can conduct over the horizon strikes in Afghanistan. However, Russia has opposed this idea and also informed the regional states that partnering the US would attract attack against that nation from the Terrorist groups in Afghanistan .

Russia is also forcefully opposing US proposal of two months temporary stay of Afghan refugees in Central Asian States for the purpose of vaccination and documentation. However, Russian authorities are lobbying for reconstruction of present day Afghanistan and have announced a summit of regional stakeholders under Moscow format during third week of October.

Currently, America’s Counterterrorism campaign in Afghanistan is at the same stage where it was two decades ago after 9/11 attacks. American military and CIA do not have any partner group in Afghanistan to help identify the correct targets for its over the horizon drone strikes in the country.

This situation clearly illustrates that the crowd of informants and spies cultivated by the CIA over the last two decades in Afghanistan had left the country before the last American fight took off from Kabul.

According to experts, it is highly expensive and non ethical for US Military to carry out over the horizon strikes in Afghanistan from its Naval warships in Arabian Sea or permanent bases in Qatar or UAE. In fact, the voluntary drawdown of the United States was changed into its complete failure due to mismanagement and lack of foresight of US Civilian and Military leadership. However, Biden team has struck to the wall mainly due to the credibility issue of the incumbent American government and its predecessors, that no regional government is ready to be partner with United States. Because Americans are infamous for abandoning their allies and partners after having the job done.

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