Afghanistan carpets
to be exhibited in China

KABUL (ToloNews): Afghan carpets will be shown at the China World Exhibition on Friday.
The Union of Carpet Producers and Exporters said that four booths are planned for Afghanistan and in three of them carpets will be exhibited. “Afghan companies will participate in this exhibition and three of these companies are showing carpets,” said Mohammad Omar Syori, deputy of the Union of Carpet Producers and Exporters.
Dost Mohammad is a carpet seller and said that the participation of Afghanistan traders in this exhibition will have a positive impact on carpet exports. “One, our industry will prosper, two, the economy of carpet sales will increase. If the economy of our people increases, we will be able to support several families by selling one carpet,” said Dost Mohammad, a carpet seller.
A number of carpet exporters said that currently the exports directly to European and American countries are facing problems.
“Since the change of government and regime, we don’t have direct foreign flights, there are no exports, and there are some claims on television that we have exported carpets…,” said Den Mohammad, a carpet seller.
“If our carpets are exported from Afghanistan and sent abroad, it will have a positive impact on our country economically,” said Ahmad Khan, a carpet seller.
The Union of Carpet Producers and Exporters said that recently carpet weavers have been increasing, especially female carpet weavers, and the government needs to facilitate opportunities for selling carpets.