Afghanistan: COVID-19 confirmed cases reach 1,531

KABUL (TOLO News): The confirmed cases of the coronavirus reached 1,531 on Sunday despite a lesser number of samples being tested by the government.

Information shared with media by the Ministry of Public Health indicated that 242 samples were tested from 15 provinces in the last 24 hours and 68 were positive.

Three deaths occurred in the last 24 hours – two in Ghazni and one in Herat, according to the ministry.

From the 68 cases, 13 were reported in Ghazni, 11 in Paktia, 9 in Paktika, 8 in Balkh, 6 in Badghis, 6 in Kabul, 4 in Nangarhar, 4 in Herat, 3 in Laghman, 3 in Khost, and one case in Baghlan.

According to the ministry, so far, 8,090 samples have been tested.

The number of recovered cases in the country is 207.

A lockdown has been in place in the city of Kabul for the last five weeks, but despite this some shops have been reopened and the streets are crowded.