Afghanistan holds first ever national film festival

KABUL: For the first time in the history of Afghan cinema, filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts are attending this 10-day festival known as “Lajward National Film Festival”.

Among the 70 films submitted to the festival by the Afghan and foreign filmmakers, 55 movies were selected to compete in the festival.

Some foreign filmmakers including Iranian figures have been invited to this festival. Both Afghan and Iranian filmmakers hopefully expect a bright future for Afghanistan’s cinema industry despite numerous challenges it is facing.

The 10-day event in Kabul comes one week after the capital hosted the 6th Herat International Film Festival.That is why optimism is on the rise regarding cinema development in Afghanistan. Selected movies for the festival will go on screen in nine places in Kabul.

Besides creating optimism, many here believe that the first-ever national film festival will also enhance the film industry in Afghanistan and attract people’s attention to their own culture, art and history.

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