Afghanistan to be sanctioned in case of continued human trafficking

KABUL (Agencies): A government official warned that if human trafficking was not prevented, Afghanistan would go under international sanctions.

Fazl Ahmad Manavi, justice minister went to Nimroz province on Iran border where he discussed the problems of human trafficking in meeting with provincial governor. The minister warned there that international community would impose sanctions on different sectors in Afghanistan if trafficking would continue.

Manavi said that human trafficking is an international problem, adding that Kabul formed a commission to work on prevention of human trafficking especially trafficking of migrants.

A report issued by the US department of state, ranked Afghanistan third in the list of countries with human trafficking problems. The report was about 2020.

Manavi said that the US imposes sanctions on the countries with problems over migration and human trafficking, warning that Afghanistan would not be spared from this law.

The minister called on Nimroz officials to be serious in struggling against human trafficking.

Afghan youth cross borders with Iran and Pakistan in Nimroz province mostly because of joblessness.

They go illegally to the neighboring states to seek job or to go further to Turkey and then to Europe.

Officials in Nimroz province promised to not spare any efforts to fight against human trafficking besides struggling against narcotics smuggling.