Afghanistan should work for security of diplomats: Mamnoon

F.P. Report
Islamabad: President Mamnoon Hussain has termed the killing of Pakistani diplomat in Jalalabad as very unfortunate, emphasizing that Afghanistan should work for the security of diplomats and peace & security of the region for which Pakistan will fully cooperate with its brotherly neighbor country.
The President said this while addressing the participants of 107th National Management Course here at Aiwan-e-Sadr on Wednesday. Rector NSPP Azmat Ali Ranjha, Secretary Establishment Asad Hayaud Din and other senior officers were also present on the occasion.
The President stated that Pakistan is desirous of peace and development in Afghanistan and Afghanistan will have to trust Pakistan in this regard. He expressed confidence that Afghanistan will be a closest friend of Pakistan in future.
The President underlined that the Constitution provides clear guidance for the stability of democratic setup. It gives the right to the masses to express their opinion according to their conscience and form a government according to their wishes through free and impartial elections. He said that the government has recently approved the reforms to improve the electoral process which will further improve the system. He further added that the federating units have been given more powers according to their wishes under the 18th amendment. Moreover, if there are still some concerns in this regard, the process of dialogue at the national level is being undertaken so that these issues can be resolved according to the aspiration of the people. He pointed out that democracy is a way of life and there is a need to create awareness at the grass root level for its stability. We should also train our children in this respect.
The President stated apart from the Federal Govenment all the provincial governments and concerned departments are also included in the CPEC project. He said that there is an active representation from the people and business community of Balochistan in this mega project. He stressed that there will be no changes in the route of CPEC and Balochistan will benefit the most from it. He also said that NUML University has recently established a campus in Balochistan to teach Chinese language to the Baloch youth adding that this will help them in future and will also open up numerous employment opportunities.
The President stated that there is a difference of opinion at the political level regarding the integration of FATA. He said that there is no need to worry from it as in the democratic setup mutual consultations lead to more useful and viable proposals through open debates and discussions on the national issues.
On the occasion, the President also responded to the questions of the