Afghans in the rule of Taliban

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According to the Afghan Committee to Protect Journalists, the authorities of the Afghan province of Badakhshan, appointed by the Taliban movement, have banned women journalists from working in the same media outlet with their male colleagues and reporting from crowded places. The provincial head of the department of information and culture, Moazeddin Ahmadi said that under no circumstances women should work in mixed media and women can only conduct religious and educational programs or read the news. In fact, the Islamization process of Afghan society has begun steadily, and Taliban authorities have set new rules for the media. The female TV presenters have been told to wear hijab and presentation of dramatic films and programs with actresses are being restricted. According to reports, the Taliban has opposed the screening of domestic and foreign films that promote inappropriate ethical standards in Afghan society or shows other videos showing the naked human body.

The Taliban Movement regained its rule in war-torn Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, after two decades of war against occupation forces under the leadership of the United States. After gaining power, Taliban leaders promised the world to uphold democracy, inclusiveness, human and women rights in the country under their rule. Furthermore, Taliban also vowed to forgive all those who supported the foreign powers during the past as a goodwill gesture to promote peace and tranquility in the newly liberated country. However, there were reports that Taliban fighters are targeting their opponents and reinforcing the several laws particularly regarding women education, jobs, and hijab etc. which shows that Taliban are repeating the episode of their previous rule in Afghanistan during late 90s. In fact, the Taliban themselves had created the situation which led to the end of their rule in Afghanistan two decades ago. Therefore, Taliban leadership must focus on the issues of the public, because no government can survive without the support of the public.

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