Afghans protest US drone attack in Kabul

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KABUL (TOLOnews): Afghans gathered to protest against the US drone attack in the Sharpoor area of Kabul, chanting anti-American slogans. Protests were held in many other provinces of Afghanistan as well.
The protesters condemned the US drone attack in Kabul and said it violated Afghanistan’s sovereignty.
“Why does the tyrant America not end its oppression and attacks in Afghanistan’s territory?” a protester from Kabul said.
“America failed in Afghanistan, so now they’re trying to cover it up with airstrikes and show the rest of the world that we can be there,” said Muhaiuddin, another protester from Badakhshan.
“This gathering is held against the infidels, and the gathering goes on in every province,” said Hekmatullah, a protester from Parwan province.
They also asked the world to release Afghanistan’s foreign reserves.
“We, the people of Afghanistan, ask the US and the international community to release the assets of Afghanistan and send it to the people,” said Hizbullah a protester from Kabul.
Protesters said that the United States should not carry out strikes in Afghanistan.
“We ask the United Nations to stop America from doing such actions,” said Abdul Hamim, a protester from Badghis.
“We ask America not to harm the Afghan people any longer and not to shed innocent blood,” said Musa, a protester from Farah.
They warned that America would face a harsh response from the people of the country if they carried out similar attacks once again.
“Don’t oppress us, and what did your oppression accomplish in the previous 20 years? Obviously, the outcome was America’s failure, and they will fail once again,” said Ghulam Nabi, a protester from Helmand.
The US conducted a strike in Kabul on Sunday, claiming to have killed al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri. Kabul responded in a statement saying it was unaware of Zawahri’s presence here, and said the US attack was against the Doha Agreement.

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