Agencies, police prepare initial report into attack

WAZIRABAD (INP): The Wizarabad police and intelligence agencies on Friday prepared an initial report into the attack on the container of former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
The investigation by the police and intelligence agencies is underway. They have collected the empty shells of the spent bullets as the crime scene is still sealed. The police and agencies have collected all the evidence. According to Wazirabad police, as many as 13 people were hurt in the gun attack on Imran’s container.
Police recovered 11 empty shells of the bullets which showed that nine bullets were fired from a pistol and two bullets were fired from a big gun. Most of the bullets were fired from the pistol while less shots were fired from the big gun. Police said that the shots which were fired from the big gun, they were fired from a high place.
To recreate the scene, Imran’s container was brought and parked at the original crime scene. Imran’s container had moved 80km far from the crime scene. When the assailant opened fire on the PTI leader’s vehicle, the driver of the container did not pull over and kept driving, hauling it 80km away from the place of the attack. The entire crime scene has been sealed and investigations are underway.
The PTI long march participants left Wazirabad GT road late at last night. They also pulled out their reception camp set up at Allah Wala Chowk. Keeping in view the precarious situation, all the government and private educational institutions adjacent to the Wazirabad GT Road have been closed.