Agitating financial crisis of universities

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Opposition law makers have criticised in their speeches in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Assembly session the apathy shown by the government towards worsening financial crisis of public sector unvisited. They asked to inform the house about the quantum of funds, if released to these institutions. It may be recalled that managements of old universities complain against zero funding by the government for current and development expenditures.

In a talk with selective journalists, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa governor Shah Farman said that financial mismanagement is the root cause of current crisis in universities. Both the opposition and government are not telling the whole truth. After the devolution of higher education to provinces and 57.8 percent allocation of tax revenues from the federal divisible pool to federating units under 7th NFC Award, it the responsibility of provincial government to make allocations for both current and development expenditures of institutions of higher education. The provincial government has abdicated this responsibility. The same treatment was done to these institutions when opposition was in government in 2008-13.

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