AGO to finalize ex-election officials’ case within a week

KABUL (TOLO News): The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) on Wednesday announced that the case pertaining electoral crime charges against former members of the election management bodies of Afghanistan will be finalized within a week.

The AGO spokesman Jamshid Rasuli said the probe team has investigated allegations of electoral crimes against the former members of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) and that the outcomes of the investigations will be shared with the public.

“The meeting which we had with probe team, they told us that they will finalize their decision regarding the case in the next one or two days and will share outcomes of their investigations next week,” said Rasuli.

Meanwhile, members of a number of electoral monitoring organizations said Afghans expect the judicial institutions to investigate the fraud allegations against these officials with complete transparency and justice.

“Our expectation is that meddling should be prevented in the work of judicial institutions,” said Yusuf Rasheed, CEO of Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan.

“If people’s complaints were not addressed, public trust will not be restored in the process,” ormer head of the secretariat of IEC Daud Ali Najafi said.

The IECC announced last month that based on new amendments in the election law, decisions of the IECC on complaints lodged against the electoral body will not be final and that a special court will probe complaints against the decisions made by the two commissions.

The IECC Secretariat Mohammad Qasim Elyasi said the special court will be formed in the near future and that any complaints made regarding the elections affairs or decisions of the two elections commissions, will be probed by the court.

The new amendments in the election law were approved by President Ghani in February based on which new commissioners were appointed for the two electoral bodies – the Independent Election Commission and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission.