Agreements, disagreements existed regarding certain issues during talks with Taliban: Mohaqiq

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Afghan political leader and one of the participants of intra-Afghan dialogue in Moscow Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq has said that the participants of the intra-Afghan dialogue in Moscow shared some agreements and disagreements on certain issues during the first day of the summit.

Hailing the summit as an exclusive intra-Afghan dialogue which has been organized without the mediation of foreigners, Mohaqiq said all participants shared their views and some agreements existed on certain statements of Taliban including the withdrawal of foreign forces and modification of the constitution of Afghanistan.

However, he said some disagreements existed regarding certain views of the political leaders of the group emphasizing that the constitution of Afghanistan is an output of the efforts of Afghans, religious clerics, and elders of the country and some disagreements existed regarding its modification and it is likely that an agreement would be reached in this regard.

Mohaqiq further added that a committee could be formed if the Taliban have considerations in the constitution of the country and modifications could be brought in it in Loya Jirga which is also described in the constitution itself but two main points including the Islamic and Republic systems are not modifiable.

According to Mohaqiq, the foreign forces have neither been invited to Afghanistan and nor the Afghan political leaders have the responsibility of their presence in Afghanistan, insisting that Taliban cannot emphasize on foreign forces withdrawal only as the United States was closer to Taliban before the fall of their regime and were receiving media coverage during their offensives but their relation deteriorated after Osama bin Laden used Afghan soil to target the World Trade Center.

He also added that invasion against the Taliban regime was carried out as per the UN Security Council resolution, emphasizing that the issue of domination is another topic as we could force the American forces to pull out of Afghanistan as they were stationed in the country based on Security Council’s resolution.

Mohaqiq believes that the foreign forces would leave Afghanistan if an agreement is reached among the Afghans as they (foreign forces) have also became tired and an intra-Afghan agreement could be a good excuse for the withdrawal of the foreign forces and no disagreement exist in this regard with Taliban as well.

Expressing hopes that an agreement will be reached regarding the scheduled withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan, Mohaqiq said the political leaders and Taliban share similar views in this regard which could lead to the launch intra-Afghan peace talks.

Emphasizing that the 40 year old war could not be ended in two days of talks, Mohaqiq said the Moscow summit could become a starting point for a sustainable peace as similar talks could take place in other venues.

Mohaqiq also ruled out the intra-Afghan talks in Moscow will not become a confrontation point with the United States as Russia is only hosting the talks and Afghanistan favors contribution of both East and the West and all other countries for the regional peace.

In regards to the existing similarities in points of views with Taliban, Mohaqiq said both the Taliban and Afghan leaders agree to end the war and the Afghan government has also been requested to participate in talks and that Taliban should not reject talks with the government.

He said the objections by President Ghani would not yield results, emphasizing that President Ghani said should join the talks with dignity and brotherhood.

In response to a question regarding the reasons existing behind President Ghani’s opposition with the Moscow Summit, Mohaqiq said President Ghani is opposing the summit as Taliban rejects talks with him and believes that President Ghani is a puppet leader and therefore they (Taliban) have started negotiations with the people of Afghanistan. (Khaama Press)