Agriculture in crises

Ammar Saleem

As a student of agricultural university, I consider myself to take advantage of writing skills and enlighten the hidden problems of agriculture. Our agriculture contributes approxiamately 63% of economy. Unfortunately the parasites like corruption,incompetency in workng body,climate change,imports etc are acting as a host in national body. Our soil has ability to grow even in worse conditions but the main problem are lack of reforms in this sector. Our old methods are still surviving in this mechanical world.

The diseases are still dominant in green crops. The farmers do not have valid techniques to cope with the challanges of today. I found many students of my university gaining knowldge of today’s agricuture but the tragedy is that there are no jobs available in this country due to which incompetency is increasing in agriculture sector. The food spoilage is major issue and it is increasing with the passage of time. Our export rate is lowering and imports rate is increasing due to which the prices are flying and local person is unable to reach.

I have completed the whole visit of punjab including each and every motorway. I found hundred of bridges but found just few drops of water under them.  So how it is possible that without water our fields will be green and fluffy?

The farmers are not provided with the basic rights so they are leaving this work. There is no transport or carriage vehicle in far off areas. They earn a little and their expanses ruin them.  The families of farmers do not enjoy the basic rights such as education, medicine, food and a place to live. There is only one reason behing this. They are not considered respectful in our society and this tragedy has affect on facts and figures.

In India [Himachal Pardesh], The Government is providing 50% subsidy on cost of seeds, protection material and agricultural implements. On Nitroge-nous Fertilizers, cost subsidy at Rs 200/M.T. Biogas Mo-dels viz. Deenbandhu and public are being popularized on which subsidy at the rate Rs 3,500 per plant up to 1 cubic meter and Rs.4,500 more than 1 cubic meter is being given. Subsidy at 50% on the cost of Micro-Nutrients is being given to S.C. and S.T. Farmers.  Subsidy on Tractors up to 35 HP at the rate 25% limited up to Rs.30,000 only is provided. Sprinklar Irrigation subsidy at the rate 50% to S.C./S-.T./S.F./M.F./Women farmers subject to a maximum of Rs. 15000 per set etc.

In Canada, for example, deductions can be claimed on these expenses:

Cost of fertilizer

Veterinary, medicine and breeding fees

Portion of crop insurance program premiums. A tax credit for Ontario farmers who donate food to food banks was recently introduced, Real Agriculture noted. Taxpayers are eligible for $800,000 of capital gains tax-free on farm properties that qualify during their lifetime. There are only five universities in Pakistan and around 15 research centers related to agriculture.

Research conducted, techniques taught and skills imparted in these institutions rarely reach at the level of small farmers. Farmers need to know how to make optimum use of land. How to use fertilizers and pesticides and what amount of water is exactly useful and necessary for any crop.

Techniques to fight water logging, old irrigation system and low yield must also be learnt. For instance, if take example of using fertilizers in Pakistan, per hector usage of NPK is 170 kg, but the recommended is 300 kg per hector. Hence, in fertilizer application problem is poor nutrition application and incorrect fertilizer case. Lack of management on the part of farmer is a huge problem. The conclusion of these facts and figures define where we are standing in this field which should be our sign of proud. The taxes are huge burden for agriculture as they cause financial issues for farmers.

Our crops have vast diversity but there is no diversity in managing them with proper methods. We will be responsible for the tragedies of future we are going to face.  Our irrigation system is not up to the mark as there is no water in dams, rivers and canal to facilitate crops. Our government policies should favour agriculture in every aspect.

There should be separate education for agriculture at school level especially in villages so that illeteracy rate may decrease. There should be reforestation so that the floods do not spoil our climates and our climate is not affected.  All these factors play a key role in maintaining our dignity, our agriculture. If Government really want to make this nation, an Asian tiger then they have to face the sun rather than waiting for night.

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