AH Group project, AH City hosted its pre-launch event in Peshawar

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: AH Group project, AH City hosted the pre-launch event in Peshawar on Saturday to present the AH City. The pre-launch event was carried out with the motive to reveal the mission and importance of the project, along with the revealing of the exclusive amenities that will upscale the entire region of D.I.Khan.

The event was attended by the higher management of the AH Group, including the Chairman Mr. Yasir Ali, CEO Mr. Haseeb Khattak, and Managing Director Mr. Ramzan Ali, while the Chief Guest was the honorable Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Shehryar Afridi.

AH Group projects are determined to work tirelessly and have taken several initiatives to make real estate a productive success driver for the economy of Pakistan. The AH Group Chairman Yasir Ali stated, “We are making profound efforts to ensure AH City will be the benchmark for supreme living in D.I.Khan by cultivating an extensive range of healthcare and education along with a supreme lifestyle.”

Moreover, the event revealed a detailed presentation, which portrayed the detailed masterplan of the project, and CEO AH Group Haseeb Khattak presented how AH City will be bringing supreme living in D.I.Khan.

“AH Group has become an evident virtue in the real estate sector with their client-centric approaches, especially in KP & I appreciate their efforts of bringing change and innovation through AH City,” stated Mr. Shehryar Afridi.

“AH City is based on the pillars to revolutionize the standard of living with facilities that are much-needed in D.I.Khan and we aim to provide maximum efforts & resources,” stated the CEO AH Group Haseeb Khattak.

The pre-launch event was honored with more significant investors and leaders. The event concluded with the higher management of AH Group thanking the participants and guests for making the pre-launch event a success.