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Ahmet Güneştekin’s ‘Sand Flower’ to open in Dubai

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ISTANBUL: AWC Gallery is preparing to open Turkish artist Ahmet Güneştekin‘s exhibition “Kum Çiçeği” (“Sand Flower”) in Dubai on Dec. 18 for three months until March 18. The aim of AWC Gallery, which was founded by Haldun Kilit in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), is to bring together artists from Turkey and the world with art lovers in the center of the Middle East, Dubai, and turn a new page for the world art platform. The latest exhibition, “Sand Flower,” comprises Güneştekin’s works focusing on fractal patterns.

The “Sand Flower” gets its name from a desert rose that has a complex formation made up of grains of sand and clumps of crystals. This fragile geological flower is also a self-organizing organic system, and represents the structural principle for the artist’s thinking. The form of this floral formation, its color components and the fractal pattern that creates the perception of infinity in the desert topography where it blooms overlap with the forms used by the artist in his works.

In order to investigate the appearance of matter in nature, Güneştekin includes patterns in the field of his interpretation and asks various questions: Are we in an endless repetition? Do these repetitions, which we think are different but actually similar to each other, make the patterns bigger forever? Like the formation of a fractal structure, the artist’s production involves repetition, and his work eventually becomes part of the ideas that develop around them.

In “Sand Flower,” Güneştekin’s works following his view that nature has a fractal facet are exhibited. Güneştekin defines these works as the image of a dream that appears suddenly in an endless sand desert and disappears as it approaches. The artist’s bronze sculptures, in which the multicolored patterns appear in the metamorphosed animal figures, canvases depicting the pattern of the ending and the renewal of life with various incidents like the birth of a butterfly and dimensional works focusing on death and life and their naturalness are among the works to be exhibited.

Courtesy: Dailysabah

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