Ahsan Iqbal demands fresh elections to steer country out of crisis

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Former federal minister and senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Ahsan Iqbal said Pakistan is stumbling on economic front and fresh elections are only possible solution to steer country out of crisis.

Talking to media, he said Pakistan was progressing during the rule of previous government with new motorways and power plant being built in the country. He said incumbent government did not put a single brick, adding that investors are running from the country.

The lawmaker said Pakistan’s economy has been crashed on 2.4 % growth rate. He said Nawaz Sharif can sacrifice to promote his stance of ‘give sanctity to vote.’

Ahsan Iqbal said any leader other than Nawaz would have become traitor if faced such situation. He said revenge is being taken in the name of accountability.

He warned that national economy is on the verge of collapse and national security is in danger. He said we must face hurdles like a rock, adding that I believe the hard times would end soon.

He said those entering government through conspiracies have been unveiled as an inexperience person cannot fly plane.

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