AIHRC describes gov’t weak in providing security

KABUL (Ariana News): Reacting to the deadly suicide attack on a wedding hall on late Saturday night in west of Kabul, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) describes the government weak in terms of providing security to the citizens.

The AIHRC asks more pressure to be put on the terroristic groups and their supporting-countries to protect civilians.

“We have not been the witness of acceptable approaches neither by the government nor by the United Nations and international community,” said Naiem Nazari, Deputy of AIHRC.

Meanwhile, the civilian causalities’ toll has increased in recent months.

The citizens consider the government’s weakness as a reason for this.

“This shows the weakness of the government. If the government was not weak, it could prevent the violence,” said Khan Mohammad, a resident of Balkh province.

A number of politicians have also criticized the government and terroristic groups.

However, the government says that there are shortcomings in terms of preventing the attacks which will be solved.

This comes as the suicide attack in a wedding hall in the west of Kabul on late Saturday night left 63 people killed and 180 other wounded.

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