Air New Zealand to weigh passengers for enhanced flight operations

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AUCKLAND: Air New Zealand is reportedly set to implement a ‘passenger weighing initiative’ for international flights in an effort to enhance flight safety.

The airline plans to weigh passengers traveling internationally in June to calculate average passenger weights. With this data, pilots can better calculate aircraft weight and balance.

As per details, passengers who volunteer for the scheme will be weighed before selected Air New Zealand flights departing from Auckland International Airport until July 2.

This initiative aims to collect accurate data to ensure the safety and efficiency of flights.

Alastair James, Air New Zealand’s load control improvement specialist, emphasized that passengers’ weight information would remain ‘private and not be disclosed’ to others.

He explained that the airline already weighs everything that goes on the aircraft, including cargo, meals, and luggage.

However, for customers, crew, and cabin bags, they currently rely on average weights obtained from surveys like this one.

Mr. James further explained the importance of this initiative, stating, “It’s important because we need to know the weight of everything that goes on our aircraft.”

He reassured passengers that the weight information would be captured discreetly on a computer screen and would not be visible to other travelers.

While the focus of this study will be on international passengers, Air New Zealand previously conducted a similar weighing program for domestic passengers in 2021.

Mr. James acknowledged that stepping on scales can be intimidating but emphasized the privacy and anonymity of the process.

Air New Zealand has stated that at least 10,000 passengers need to participate in this survey, as it is a requirement by the Civil Aviation Authority.