Air pollution


Pollution occur when amount of any substance or any form of energy is put into the environment at a rate faster then it can be dispersed or safely stored. the term pollution can refer to both artificial and natural material that are created, consumed and discarded in an unsustainable manner.

According to the Lard kennett ‘the presence at large of substance, or energy patterns which have been involuntarily produced , have outlived their purpose, have escaped by accident or have unforeseen effect, in quantities which harm his( man’s) health or do offend him’. Because of the different view points on pollution , there is a variety of ways in which pollution can be different. Thus for example , the economist might adopt Cottell’s (1978)’ the consumption of environmental quality’.

Whilst the scientist might favor the definition offered by Natural Environment Research Council (1976) that is the ‘ Release of substance and energy as wast product of human activities which result in change usually harmful , within the natural environment’. Different type of pollution such as Air pollution, water pollution noise pollution etc.

“Air pollution is contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any chemical , physical or biological agents that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere.” Indoor air pollution include dust, dirt or gasses in the air inside building. air indoor pollution contribute to development of infection , lung cancer and asthma. indoor air pollution from solid fuels accounted for 3.5 million deaths and 4.5 % global daily adjusted Life Year (DALY) in 2010.indoor 10 times worse than outdoor pollution.

Outdoor air pollution are emissions caused by combustion process from motor and vehicles, solid fuel burning and industry. outdoor air pollution is the leading factor for premature death while In 2019 , 4.2 million premature death occur in worldwide. The combined effect of indoor and outdoor pollution are associated with 6.7 million premature death annually.

Air pollution causing 7 million premature death each years. this equivalent to the number of people that have died from covid-19 since March 2020.A recent world band publication found that air pollution cost the global an estimated $8.1 trillion in 2019, equivalent 95% of death caused by air pollution in low and middle countries. Air pollution in all form is responsible for more than 6.5 million deaths year globally , a number has increased over the past two decades.