Aitzaz Ahsan’s fine paid in Supreme Court

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LAHORE: Nephew of eminent laywer Aitzaz Ahsan on Satuday paid a fine of Rs10,000 slapped by the Supreme Court earlier this month for failing to appear in a case pertaining to infant formula milk.

Ahsan in the next hearing had said that the order by the two-member bench damaged his reputation as he had never been slapped even a single rupee fine during his entire career.

The PPP leader instead claimed he was punished for his farewell speech in the Senate, and requested the court to withdraw the fine.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar in a lighter mood said he can pay the fine from his own pocket on Ahsan’s behalf.

Formula milk case

Justice Nisar while hearing the case said that he would not allow the sale of formula milk until the milk cartons do not mention it is not milk.

Ahsan, who is representing private companies selling formula milk, produced the products’ ads and told the court that it does mention the product should be fed to children less than six months. The ads also state breast milk is the best option to feed infants, Ahsan argued.

The chief justice to this said it should be clearly mentioned that the product is not “milk” but a “formula”.

Justice Nisar on the request of Ahsan ordered to allow duration of six months for imported formula and four months for local formula. Products which can be used by infants aged three months and older should mention it is not natural milk.

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