Al-Khair University and HEC

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of the Students of Al-khair University Rawalpindi campus for verification of degrees from Pakistan HEC. A three-member bench comprising Justice Umar Ata Bandial, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Amin-Ud-Din Khan heard different appeals of students of Al-Khair University Rawalpindi Campus seeking recognition and equivalence of degrees by the HEC. During hearing, the court ruled that the HEC could not verify Al-Khair University degrees. While responding to court’s remarks, defense lawyer urged that the HEC should stop Al-Khair University from admissions. The court observed that Al-Khair University was in Azad Kashmir, and the court do not have jurisdiction over there. Justice Bandial observed that students deliberately enrolled despite the ban on Al-Khair University campuses. If the apex court declared the degrees of one campus valid, thousands of people would come to the courts.

There are numerous cases of Al-khair University’s students and ulmni in various courts across the country. Some are regarding fake degrees, some about jobs related issues and some linked to verification and equalience. Higher Education Commission’s representative briefly describe the case during a Supreme Court hearing of the case. The HEC’s rep told the court that Al-Khair University had illegally established over 800 campuses across the country. As per details, about 6200 students had applied for verification to HEC so far. Whereas, the numbers of registered students are many times more than it.

The case of Al-Khair University has become worse but government of Pakistan yet not take any action to shut it’s teaching process inside the country, neither it took any step to regularize it’s degrees and operation. What so ever the intents may be, however, thousands of students had struck in to the matter. The Ministry of Education in consultation with HEC and others stakeholders must formulate a strategy to tackle the situation. Although, HEC couldn’t verify the degrees of Al-Khair University but as per it’s rule and international laws it can issue equivalent certificate after testing the students or as per their credit hours. If a student couldn’t fulfill careitra, he can be allotted lower grade. However, the issue must be resolved to help save the career of thousands of young students in the country.

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