‘Al-Qaeda recruiting disaffected Taliban’

Monitoring Desk

KUNAR: Local officials in the eastern province of Kunur province said that Al-Qaeda, with the support of foreign, has begun recruiting Taliban fighters who disagree with the recently signed US-Taliban deal.

Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, governor of Kunur province, said: “Based on our information, Al-Qaeda have begun efforts to attract Taliban fighters and commanders,” said Mirzakwal.

Kunur provincial council members said that besides Al-Qaeda, many other terrorist organizations are also active in some parts of the province.

“It’s very clear that those Taliban fighters and their families who live in areas where the peace is not maintained will seek allegiance to other militant groups such as Al Qaeda, Daesh,” said Wilayat Mashwani, the head of Kunar provincial council.

“It is possible that Al-Qaeda, which had relationships with some Taliban groups earlier, will develop their relationships again,” said, Malek Sher Zameen, a member of Kunur’s provincial council.

Residents of Kunur province said that Daesh is also a threat, and many people have left their homes because of Taliban-Daesh fighting.

“We want security and schools. We do not want those groups,” said Haidar Khan, a resident of Chawki district of Kunur.

“I have cut my relationships with Daesh. We are tired of the war and we have joined the peace process,” said Shah Gull, a surrendered Daesh commander.

The residents are optimistic about the US-Taliban deal that was signed on February 29 in Doha, Qatar, and say that it will bring lasting peace to Afghanistan.

Local officials, however, said that the Taliban will fight terrorist organizations such Al Qaeda and Daesh if the peace deal between the US and the Taliban is implemented successfully. (TOLOnews)