Aleem castigates NAB for ‘dragging’ his case since 4 years

Aleem castigates NAB for ‘dragging’ his case since 4 years

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LAHORE: Taking exception to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for dragging cases, senior Punjab minister Aleem Khan said on Wednesday that the accountability watchdog must complete inquiry of cases within stipulated time.

Speaking to media here, he said the NAB should tell him if was guilty in a case. “My case has been under trial in the NAB for four years and no decision has been taken on it yet.” Aleem Khan is currently facing investigation by NAB for owning an offshore company, and has further allegations of land-grabbing and owning assets beyond known means. He regretted that inquiry in the case against him could not be completed from 2015 till 2019. “Tell us if we are guilty, we will leave the politics, and if not, then all cases must be closed,” he insisted.

Orange Line train project to be completed by July 2019: Punjab Minister

LAHORE (NNI): Provincial Minister of Punjab for Local Government Aleem Khan confirmed on Wednesday that the Orange Line project will be completed in June-July 2019. Talking to newsmen, the senior minister debunked the rumours that suggested the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s provincial government desired to scrap the project.

“We won’t close the project. As many as Rs300 billion have already been spent on the project; even if I want to I can’t (scrap) it now,” Aleem said.

“The King (Nawaz Sharif) has left us in great debt for years. We just want to minimise the losses,” he added.

The PTI leader said that the provincial government wanted to have earnings from every Orange Line station.

“As many as Rs120 billion will be annually spent on the Orange line project during the next five years. The Punjab government will have to spend Rs10 billion per month,” the minister claimed.

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