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Aleem Junaijo fresh victim of Pak-India hostility

Abdullah Momand

It was a sunny day in Karachi while 33-year-old Maria Aleem was busy collecting donations for her young ailing husband named Aleem Junaijo, back in 2018. The same time she was in the limelight in the media.

Maria was born in a Pashtun family residing in Karachi and after completing her master’s degree she joined the teaching profession in a local school of Karachi. Aleem Jaunaijo; the better half of Maria was from a traditional Sindhi family and after completion of his education he joined a bank in Karachi. Some three years ago Maria tied her wedding knot with Aleem and both were living as a happy couple.

The newly married couple travelled to the federal capital Islamabad for their honeymoon and they posted pictures of their honeymoon on social media. Travelling back to Karachi after some time Aleem was not feeling well and her life partner took him to a medical expert and after several medical examinations his lungs disease was diagnosed in reports of tests and it was recommended by the doctor that he needed immediate treatment of it. Doctor further shared that treating his diseases would cost more than 20 million Pakistani rupees besides suggesting that the best option for treatment of his ailment could be in India the neighboring country of Pakistan.

Maria told that she appealed on social media and mainstream media for donation to do treatment of her ailing husband and in few months she collected more than 20 million rupees through donation for the treatment.

Maria told she wasn’t aware of the visa hurdles and she applied for a medical visa in the Indian High Commission but the visa was refused due to Pak-India diplomatic hostility. Maria told after rejection of medical visa from India she wrote a letter to Shah Mahmood Qureshi the country Minister for Foreign Affairs as well as his counterpart in India Sushma Swaraj and requested them for medical visa because her husband was on death bed fighting the crippling lungs but no one paid heed to her appeals.

Adding to that , she further shared that she left no stone unturned to make appeals to human rights organizations of both countries but everyone responded that in the current political climax granting a visa wasn’t possible.

Maria told after all hopes of treating her husband shattered abroad she decided to treat Aleem in Pakistan and for that she contacted an Islamabad based doctor who claimed to be treating such kinds of disease through steam and Nano-cells. Maria mournfully expressed that she was betrayed by the Pakistani doctor and he instead did a fraud of more than 4 million with her.

“I made repeated attempts to get my money back despite his confessing and accepting his fraud on my money but still he didn’t refund me the money and I was literally broke while I still had to take care of treating Aleem after the fraud done by the doctor” Maria Aleem told.

She added that she spared no efforts for better treatment of her husband and on 30th July, 2020 Aleem was defeated by the disease and he left the world peacefully in Karachi and was buried in parental graveyard in rural Sindh.

Maria Aleem mentioned that she was denied a medical visa by the Indian High Commission for treatment of Aleem as the treatment was only possible in India in all the South Asian countries. Simultaneously Aleem died due to Pak-India hostility. She mentioned that dozens of patient’s medical visas were rejected by the Indian High Commission due to which patients are losing their lives. She appealed to both the governments of Pakistan and India to negotiate on medical visas to help save the precious lives of the patients.

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