Aleem Khan terms water management ‘need of the hour’ to avert floods

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Istehkam-e-Pakistan (IPP) President Abdul Aleem Khan on Tuesday stressed the urgent need for effective water management to prevent devastating floods.

The seasoned politician in one of his statements expressing his views on unusual rains and persistent threats of devasting floods revealed that Pakistan currently only stores 14 million hectares of water out of the total 145 million hectares available.

Reflecting on the previous year’s catastrophic events, Khan lamented the extensive damage caused by the floods, with millions of people affected and billions of rupees lost.

The IPP leader shared disheartening figures, stating that in 2022 alone, two and a half lakh houses were destroyed, along with 17,567 schools. Furthermore, disasters impacted 72 districts, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Abdul Aleem Khan also highlighted the human cost of these floods, revealing that 1,150 innocent citizens, including 350 children, lost their lives in the last flood.

Expressing his frustration, Khan criticized the repeated pattern of empty promises made by the ruling authorities during such calamities. Turning attention to a looming concern, Khan raised apprehensions about a potential water war in the future. He expressed concern that Pakistan is not adequately prepared to confront this issue and lamented the prevailing state of complacency within the nation. Mr Aleem Khan stressed the necessity of following the examples set by China and India, suggesting the construction of large-scale dams throughout Pakistan. IPP completes registration process.

In a significant development, the Istehkam-e-Pakistan (IPP) party has successfully completed the registration process with the Election Commission. Today, the leadership of the Stability Pakistan Party, including prominent figures such as Aamir Kayani, Aoon Chaudhry, and Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, formally submitted the party registration papers to the Election Commission. (INP)